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Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability Image

What does SMCC Recycle?

  • YES Aluminum – metal cans, aluminum cans, foil
  • YES Glass – glass bottles and jars
  • YES Paper – paper, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, books, colored paper, post-it notes, cardboard, etc.
  • YES Plastic – plastic containers and bottles, plastic

What does SMCC NOT Recycle?

  • NO Trash
  • NO Liquids
  • NO Styrofoam
  • NO Food or Yard Waste
  • NO Paint or Chemicals
  • NO Plastic Bags.

What is sustainability and how can I personally contribute?

Sustainability involves making informed choices that include our environment, society, and economy. It’s about being fully aware of the consequences of our decisions and can improve both the quality of our lives now and the planet for future generations.

What are the three R’s?

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle.