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Art of Storytelling

Bringing People Together Through the Art of Storytelling

PHOENIX, Ariz.– January, 2017 – Everyone loves a good story. Whether it’s a book you cannot put down, a dramatic movie that pulls on your emotions or a speaker that inspires you, it is the anticipation of what comes next that holds our interest and allows us to open our minds to another world.

Students at South Mountain Community College (SMCC) have discovered how storytelling can help them in their careers, with their education, calm public speaking fears, help with job interviews and unite people across ages, races and communities.

Harriet Cole came to SMCC as a non-traditional (adult) student to take The Art of Storytelling class and find out if it could help her with her educational and career goals. Two years later, she earned her Academic Certificate in Storytelling and went on to earn her Master of Arts in Humanities with a focus on Storytelling.

“After taking one class in Storytelling, I could see the impact it would have in bringing people together,” stated Cole. “As a teacher, I start every class session by telling a story. I have found that students who hear stories have a greater interest in working together to learn. ”

“Listening to someone’s story is an amazing thing,” said Phyllis Ralley, a Storytelling Institute student at SMCC. “You gain a profound appreciation for who they are and where they come from.”

Not only are students learning how to apply storytelling to help bring their goals into fruition, executives are beginning to see how storytelling can bring employees together and build culture.

Recently, Liz Warren, director of the Storytelling Institute, led a workshop for the Founders Forum of Gateway’s Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation. Participants discovered how to apply storytelling to a business pitch, how to use a team to assist in achieving the solution of the story, and the importance of creating an emotional connection.

Get ready to tap your imagining mind, discover your voice, and find your personal style. The changing communications landscape requires a new skill – storytelling. If you make presentations, teach, interact with customers, or are in the job market, applying the elements of story will bring you closer to your audience. For more information, visit or watch a live storytelling event,