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Major Code: 8900
Award: ABUS GR
CIPS Code: 52.02
Total Credits: 62-63

Description: The MCCCD Associate in Business General Requirements (ABUS-GR) degree requires a total of 62-63 semester credits for the program of study. The degree has three major components: I. General Education, which includes Arizona General Education Curriculum for Business (AGEC-B), II. Common Lower Division Program Requirements, III. General Electives. The ABUS-GR degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to Arizona's public universities into majors that articulate with the Associate in Business General Requirements pathway and for students who plan to complete lower division course work toward a baccalaureate program at other degree granting institutions. All business majors except Computer Information Systems should follow the ABUS-GR pathway. Computer Information Systems majors should follow the Associate in Business Special Requirements (ABUS-SR) pathway. Generally, the degree transfers as a block without loss of credit to Arizona's public universities. In most cases, courses used to satisfy the MCCCD Associate in Business General Requirements will apply to university graduation requirements of the university major for which the ABUS-GR was designed.

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