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Accounting ACCOUNTING Accounting Faculty BASE SALARY AND JOB OUTLOOK Median wages (national): $17.18 hourly/ $35,730 annual Median wages (Arizona): $16.78 hourly/ $34,910 annual Projected job growth: Expected to increase 11% over next seven years Starting salary: Entry level bookkeepers – $20,765 – $44,594 per year. Gainful Employment Information JOB TITLES Bookkeeper Accounting Clerk Accounting is the language of business and encompasses the information systems which measure business activities and process economic information into reports for decision makers. Accountants are certified financial experts who specialize in the measurement and interpretation of financial information. Their expertise helps managers, investors, tax authorities, individuals and others plan yearly budgets, make investment decisions, prepare tax documents, and so forth. Accountants are crucial players in both large corporations and small businesses. The Accounting curriculum provides a rigorous program of beginning through advanced courses designed to meet the needs of the student transferring to a university, the career changer seeking the required courses to sit for the CPA exam, and the employee who endeavors to gain a new skill. Our Accounting Department maintains close ties with both local universities and local business firms to ensure that our program provides seamless pathways to advanced degrees, CPA candidate...

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Business Management

Leadership is the Art of Effective Management Program Overview Degree Fast Facts Achieve success in business management with SMCC’s custom Business Management program, by developing a basic inventory of skills in the areas of accounting, communication, computer information systems, human relations, marketing, and human resource management. To become an effective manager, you must first learn to lead. Let our qualified faculty guide you in your journey to business success! Major Code: 3054Award: AASCIPS Code: 52.0201Total Credits: 66-67Description: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business Management program is to provide students with a basic inventory of skills and competencies that will meet their needs when they become practitioners in the field. Recognizing that many persons already involved in business and industry desire to improve their skills, the program also seeks to offer alternative for the increase of knowledge and the improvement of skills by current practitioners in the field.Program NotesStudents must earn a grade of "C" or better for each course listed in the Required Courses area. Required CoursesCredits: 30-31ACC107Bookkeeping Theory and Practice (4) ORACC111Accounting Principles I (3) 3-4 CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems 3GBS131Business Calculations 3GBS151Introduction to Business 3GBS205Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business 3GBS233Business Communication 3MGT229Management and...

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General Business

Make the Most of Your Business Education Program Overview Degree Certificate If you have plans to transfer to a four-year university, the Associate in Business General Requirements (ABus GR) degree is designed specifically for you. Whether you plan to transfer to one of Arizona’s public universities or take your education into the workplace, the ABus GR degree allows the flexibility you need to move forward. Easily transfer your degree as a block, without credit hour losses, to any of Arizona’s public universities. Discuss the ABus GR pathway with your advisor today. By applying your credit hours towards a baccalaureate program, you make the most of your education. For additional information on credits awarded for prior learning assessment, see the policy on Credit for Prior Learning in the general catalog. Major Code: 3148Award: AASCIPS Code: 52.0101Total Credits: 61-66Description: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in General Business program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish a broad overview of business and desire not to enroll in a specialized curriculum in business. The program is designed to acquaint students with major subject areas of business, to improve the student's business vocabulary, and to provide students with an understanding...

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Nothing Really Sells Itself! Program Overview Certificate All products in our economy—even the most inspired new ideas and services—require marketing to reach their audience. But marketing is much more than just advertising and sales. SMCC’s Marketing Program offers an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree and Certificate of Completion that will provide you with the tools you need to pursue either a career or further education. Our program covers the traditional “Four P’s of Marketing”: product, price, place and promotion, while focusing on such key areas as wholesaling, retailing, professional sales, and entrepreneurship. Even if you’re planning to go into business for yourself, an AAS in Marketing will give you the edge you need to get your career off the ground. Check the adjacent tabs for more details about our degree and certificate programs. Major Code: 5094Award: CCLCIPS Code: 52.1401Total Credits: 18Gainful EmploymentDescription: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Marketing program meets students' needs by providing skills necessary for marketing careers. The program is designed to develop competencies essential for success in marketing. By completing this program students will be better equipped to apply competencies needed for successful performance in a variety of marketing/management occupations including wholesaling, retailing, professional sales, and...

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Entrepreneurship My business began at South Mountain Community College. Earning potential: unlimited About the South Mountain Community College Community Entrepreneur Center Do you own your own business or want to start a business? Let South Mountain Community College help you start your business or expand your current business. We offer the classes and programs you need to make your dream a reality, and take your business to the next level. Our Small Business Certificates of Completion include classes in general business, management, marketing and more, to give you a well-rounded and thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s highly competitive business climate. Our Community Entrepreneurship Center will provide you with even more resources: strengths analysis, just-in-time training, brown bag sessions and mentoring from success local business and community leaders. Certificate of Completion: Entrepreneurial Studies Level I (10 Credits) Many of us dream of going into business for ourselves, but don’t know where to begin. If that’s you, here’s your starting point. The coursework required for this CCL will familiarize you with different types of business start-up opportunities, help you create a business plan and feasibility study, and familiarize you with a history of entrepreneurship and its...

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Pathways for Success

  META-MAJORS PROGRAM Save Your Time, Save Your Money, Reach Your Goals! In today’s competitive economy, finding a job in a field that you love can be difficult without a college degree. An associate’s degree from South Mountain Community College is a great starting point for pursuing your career goals. By choosing a meta-major program, you could get started on the path toward your career goals sooner, without committing to a 4-year degree program. Should you choose to continue your education and transfer, you could apply the credits earned towards a more advanced degree, putting you on the fast track to earning a bachelor’s degree. What is a Meta Major? Meta Majors are academic and occupational programs that have related courses and/or requirements. The purpose of using Meta Majors is to help students identify a path that aligns with their interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities. We provide clear course plans so you know which courses to take, and in which order, to complete your degree or transfer to a university in two years. Talk to any SMCC recruiter or advisor for more information about the Pathways in: Business – ABUS or Accounting Social Sciences – Psychology or Criminal Justice...

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Real Estate Prelicense

Real Estate BASE SALARY AND JOB OUTLOOK Median wages (national): $39,800 annual Median wages (Arizona): $37,700 annual Projected job growth: Average (11%) Starting salary: unlimited JOB TITLES Real Estate Agent Relocation Director Retail Real Estate Agent Real Estate is dynamic — buying a house or property is one of the most significant financial events in a person’s life. It is such a complex process that most people typically seek help of real estate agents and brokers when selling or buying property. If you are interested in working in real estate, the Certificate of Completion in Real Estate: Prelicense program is for you. Designed to prepare students with the minimum coursework required by the state of Arizona for eligibility to take the state’s real estate salesperson’s license exam, these classes prepare you for your future in real estate. Certificate of Completion in Real Estate (6.5 Credits) Students must earn a grade of “C” or better for each course listed in the program REA201 Real Estate Principles I & II (6) REA290AH Real Estate Seminar: Contract Writing (0.5) REQUEST MORE INFORMATION NAME EMAIL PHONE CAREER OR PROGRAM INTERESTED IN? HAVE YOUR EVER TAKEN COURSES AT SMCC OR ANY MARICOPA COMMUNITY COLLEGE?...

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Retail Management

Retail Management BASE SALARY AND JOB OUTLOOK Median wages (national): $53,702 annual Median wages (Arizona): $52,520 annual Projected job growth: Average (8%) Starting salary: retail store manager $25,000-$35,000 Gainful Employment Information JOB TITLES Store Manager Assistant Manager Sales Manager Do you like working with people? Enjoy having a multitude of changing and unexpected tasks each day? Are you currently working in a retail environment and want to move up the ladder? If so, this program might be the perfect next step for you. Retail opportunities are plentiful, but to be successful you have to have the right skills and knowledge. At South Mountain Community College, you can take your career to the next level in retail management. Depending on your experience and goals, SMCC offers the path that’s right for you – from a one-year certificate of completion to a two-year associate’s degree in retail management. Earn more money, take on more responsibility and, most importantly, learn valuable skills that will open the door to future opportunities. Certificate of Completion: RETAIL MANAGEMENT (33 Credits) Students must earn a grade of “C” or better required for all courses within the program ACC111 Accounting Principles I (3) BPC110 or CIS105 Computer...

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Supervision & Management I & II

Your Field Guide to Supervisory Success Program Overview Certificate I Certificate II Fast Facts SMCC’s Supervision and Management 1 & II programs will prepare you to perform high-level management functions within any industry, whether you have a staff of five or 500. Students in this program will gain knowledge and skill in the areas of supervision, human relations, and computer information processing. The program also includes a brief overview of ethics in management, and explores the many areas of responsibility that supervisors oversee. Major Code: 5721Award: CCLCIPS Code: 52.0201Total Credits: 15Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Supervision and Management I program is designed to provide knowledge in the following areas: computer concepts of information processing, supervision, and human relations. Students completing this program will be able to perform the supervisory and management functions of first-line supervisors. Students should have a desire to supervise employees and work in a business environment.Required CoursesCredits: 12Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for each course listed in the Required Courses area.CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems 3MGT229Management and Leadership I 3MGT230Management and Leadership II 3MGT251Human Relations in Business 3Restricted ElectivesCredits: 3Students should select from the following courses in consultation with a...