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AIS110: Navajo Government3 Credits

Addresses and examines major historical developments of the Navajo People with a focus on government, law, society, livelihood, tradition, and culture. Includes the major components and operation of Navajo government and related tribal laws, such as Title II and Title VII of the Navajo Nation Code, as well as the significance of the Treaty of 1868. Federal Indian policies and their impact on Navajo society and government, the importance of federal and tribal citizenship and related federal and tribal laws, and the role of the Navajo clanship system and other relevant cultural concepts addressed. Prerequisites: None.

General Education Designation(s): C,H
Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences Division

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Fall 201940482GUAD CTR - GC 12509/18/2019
W 5:00PM
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Class Meets for Fourteen (14) Weeks
Course held at Guadalupe Center, 9233 S. Avenida del Yaqui (Priest Dr.), Guadalupe, AZ, 85283.
-Classes will not be held on Monday, 09/02/19 in observance of Labor Day - CAMPUS CLOSED. -Classes will not be held on Monday, 11/11/19 in observance of Veteran's Day - CAMPUS CLOSED. -Classes will not be held on Thurs/Sat, 11/28-12/01/19 in observance of Thanksgiving û CAMPUS CLOSED.
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