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CHM235: General Organic Chemistry I3 Credits

Rigorous introduction to chemistry of carbon-containing compounds. Reaction mechanisms and recent methods of synthesis emphasized.

Math, Science & Engineering

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Fall 201812159SMC MAIN - PS 41808/22/2018
W 8:00AM
ScarbroughClass Started


Lab Component Required
Corresponding Lab is CHM235LL 12158. Mondays 7:20am - 10:45am.
Lab fee required $25.00.
For additional information, please contact Dr. Ann Scarbrough by email at
Student is responsible to access their Maricopa ôStudent Centerö for enrollment alerts regarding: Financial Aid, Payment Plan, and ôDROPPEDö FROM CLASS ISSUES. Note: Financial issues must be resolved before the class start date. Student cannot attend class if tuition is not paid prior to class start date.

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Organic Chemistry
9th Edition
ISBN: 9780134160450
Author: Wade
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Organic Chemistry I (as Second Language)
3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781118010402
Author: Klein
Estimated Price (New): $56.95
Used Retail Price is $42.75; Title is a rental title
Organic Chemistry (w/out Access Code)
9th Edition
ISBN: 9780321971371
Author: Wade
Estimated Price (New): $342.50
Used Retail Price is $257.00; Title is a rental title
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