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CHM235: General Organic Chemistry I3 Credits

Rigorous introduction to chemistry of carbon-containing compounds. Reaction mechanisms and recent methods of synthesis emphasized.

Math, Science & Engineering

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Fall 201812159SMC MAIN - PS 41808/22/2018
W 8:00AM
12 of 36 Seats


Student is responsible to access their Maricopa ôStudent Centerö for enrollment alerts regarding: Financial Aid, Payment Plan, and ôDROPPEDö FROM CLASS ISSUES. Note: Financial issues must be resolved before the class start date. Student cannot attend class if tuition is not paid prior to class start date.
Lab Component Required
Corresponding Lab is CHM235LL 12158. Mondays 7:20am - 10:45am.
Lab fee required $25.00.
For additional information, please contact Dr. Ann Scarbrough by email at

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Organic Chemistry
9th Edition
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Organic Chemistry (w/out Access Code)
9th Edition
ISBN: 9780321971371
Author: Wade
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