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CIS162AD: C#: Level I3 Credits

Introduction to C# programming including general concepts, program design, development, data types, operators, expressions, flow control, functions, classes, input and output operations, debugging, structured programming, and object-oriented programming.

General Education Designation(s): CS
Information Technology

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Fall 201916284SMC MAIN - ONLINE - Internet08/21/2019
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SM-CIS C# Fast Track Cohort. Students enrolling in this group of classes must register for: CIS162AD (16284), CIS165DC (38905), and CIS262AD (38906).
Class 16284 is an ONLINE class. Access to internet and a student gmail address is required. Log on to Canvas prior to the first day of class at this link: For assistance, please contact the Division Secretary at 602-243-8012.
*************************************************************************** This section is part of our Microsoft Windows Programming Lab-Based Learning (LBL) class and includes the following courses: CIS150, CIS159, and CIS162AD, featuring both Microsoft VB.NET and/or C# languages. Students in this LBL class complete a variety of instructor-led hands-on labs, in addition to reading/studying the textbook, video tutorials, and outside-of-class programming assignments. This will be explained in full during the first class period. This course is part of one of the following Degrees/Certificates offered at SMCC: IT: Programming and Systems Analysis and/or IT: Web and Graphic Design; but may also be taken as electives or for personal interest. Courses in this Lab-Based Learning class are offered in the same classroom at the same time. Students may take CIS159 and CIS162AD concurrently (together) with the permission of the instructor. If you have any questions, wish to take CIS159 and CIS162AD concurrently, or want to take this class online please contact Stephen Hustedde at ***************************************************************************
Special Fee Payable at Time of Registration.
Class 16284 costs include Computer Lab Fee: $12

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