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CIS163AA: Java Programming: Level I3 Credits

Introduction to Java programming. Includes features needed to construct Java Applets, Java Applications, control structures, methods, arrays, character and string manipulation, graphics, and object-oriented programming.

General Education Designation(s): CS
Information Technology

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Fall 201916479SMC MAIN - ONLINE - Internet09/03/2019
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This course is part of our Java/Android Programming LBL section and includes CIS163AA, CIS165DA, and CIS263AA.
Class 16479 is an ONLINE class. Access to internet and a student gmail address is required. Log on to Canvas prior to the first day of class at this link: For assistance, please contact the Division Secretary at 602-243-8012.
Special Fee Payable at Time of Registration.
Class 16479 costs include Computer Lab Fee: $12

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