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ENH255: Contemporary U.S. Literature and Film3 Credits

Strengths and weaknesses of literature and film. Challenges of adapting literature to film. Addressing racial, ethnic, gender, class and religious differences between cultures and mediums. Use of narrative in each medium and how it translates various cultural values and assumptions. Specific genres present in literature and film. Cultural metaphors and symbols used in literature and film.

General Education Designation(s): C,HU,L
Language Arts Division

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Fall 201737476SMC MAIN - SMCL L101 - Hybrid09/06/2017
W 6:00PM
PuklinClass Started


Special Fee Payable at Time of Registration.
Class 37476 is a Hybrid class requiring both internet and classroom activities. Access to internet and a student gmail address is required. Log on to Canvas prior to the first day of class at this link:
Class 37476 costs include English Course Fee: $10

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30 Days of Night
ISBN: 9780971977556
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Batman: Killing Joke
ISBN: 9781401216672
Author: Moore
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