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BHS101 - Introduction to Ethical Counseling Issues

Explanation of expectations and limitations of the role of the behavioral health professional on a counseling team. Exposure to the variety of modes of work available to the behavioral health professional, the ethical obligations and responsibilities of working with clients under professional supervision. Prerequisites: None.


BHS115 - Group Dynamics

Participation in group processes with focus on group dynamics. Exploration of group developmental stages and various counseling approaches and techniques. Prerequisites: None.


BHS204 - Counseling In Multicultural Setting

Values, perceptions, attitudes, behaviors emphasizing intercultural communication patterns. Techniques for establishing rapport and interaction methodologies in a multicultural context. Competencies, strategies, and treatment modalities necessary for the paraprofessional working successfully with the multicultural clients.


BHS265 - Violence And Abuse Matters

Exploration of topics relative to the development of helping professionals involved with perpetrators and individuals directly affected by traumatic or continuous physical or emotional violence and abuse. Prerequisites: None.


BHS290 - Child and Family Advocacy

Define and clarify the role of advocacy in relation to multiple systems affecting children and their families. Emphasis on identifying appropriate systems, community resources, wrap around theory and navigation skills in a variety of children's systems to facilitate family support and needs.