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STO273 - The Biblical Storytelling Tradition

Introduction to the history and practice of biblical storytelling. Overview of the oral foundation of biblical texts and teachings. Utilization of exegesis to develop and adapt stories for modern audiences. Researching, developing, and crafting Bible stories for telling. Telling biblical stories in family, community, and spiritual settings. Prerequisites: None.


STO287 - Norse and Scandinavian Storytelling Tradition

Overview of Norse and Scandinavian myths, legends, folktales. Impact of Norse and Scandinavian myth on popular culture. Researching, developing, and crafting Norse and Scandinavian stories for telling, game development, structuring graphic novels and other applications. Prerequisites: None.


STO292 - The Art of Storytelling

Explore the art and origin of storytelling. Provide a variety of storytelling techniques, styles and exercises to enhance the delivery of telling stories. Assist in the integration and application of storytelling to the learning environment in the classroom. Prerequisites: None.