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Faculty-Staff Photo

Alicia Smith


Current Classes

CFS176 - Child Development
ECH128 - Early Learning: Play And The Arts
EED200 - Foundations of Early Childhood Education
EED205 - The Developing Child: Prenatal to Age Eight
EED215 - Early Learning: Health, Safety, Nutrition and Fitness
EED220 - Child, Family, Community and Culture
EED222 - Introduction to the Exceptional Young Child: Birth to Age Eight
EED245 - Early Learning: Language Acquisition and Literacy Development
EED255 - Portfolio Development and Writing for the Profession
EED260 - Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Internship
EED261 - Early Childhood Preschool Internship
EED278 - Early Learning: Curriculum And Instruction - Birth/Preschool
EED280 - Standards, Observation and Assessment of Typical/Atypical Behaviors of Young Children Birth to Age 8


Connectedness | Adaptability | Ideation | Relator | Positivity