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Faculty-Staff Photo

Christine Raack

Faculty - English ESL

Current Classes

ENG102 - First-Year Composition
ENG108 - First-Year Composition for ESL
ESL032 - ESL III-Writing With Oral Practice
ESL097 - Preparatory Academic Writing III for ESL


Christine Raack teaches Preparatory Academic Writing (ENG 081 and 091), Composition Skills (ENG 100AE), First-Year Composition (ENG 101), and First-Year Composition for ESL (ENG 107 and 108). She is an English instructor who started teaching for SMCC in 2012. Christine received a Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology and German) and a Master of Arts (Linguistics) from Arizona State University.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology and German)
  • Master of Arts (Linguistics), Arizona State University


Learner | Input | Achiever | Intellection | Responsibility