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Guillermo Zepeda

Faculty - ESL Spanish

Current Classes

SPA101 - Elementary Spanish I
SPA102 - Elementary Spanish II


Bill began instruction at South in 1989 as the Director of the Amnesty Program. During this program, he helped amnesty candidates to fulfill their requirements by teaching them the History of Gov. of the U.S. and ESL. After the program ended he remained as adjunct teacher for Rio Salado teaching them ESL and GED in Spanish under the auspices of Rio Salado. Later he became adjunct instructor for SMCC teaching ESL and Spanish. Later in 1996 he was hired by SMCC  as full-time instructor teaching both ESL and Spanish. Bill  has certifications to teach Spanish, ESL, Religion, Humanities and Music in the  Maricopa Community Colleges.

He has experience teaching both Spanish and ESL since 1976, when he began teaching for the Berlitz School of Languages, a world renown private institution, that teaches languages in the Direct Method.  He also served as interpreter and translator in medical, legal and business settings. Bill also has visited other Hispanic countries such as Colombia and Ecuador, he being a native of Mexico where he also served as music missionary serving various denominations. Bill also has been to to Europe where he attended the World Evangelistic Conference on Evangelism in 1974. His international experience has helped him to better serve our students and inspire them to excel in educational matters.

Bill has studied Greek and Russian which has helped him to identify with the learning anxieties of students and always likes to apply adequate filters in language learning for student success. He has also studied our founding documents, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence and does special memory  presentations on these throughout the country during the summer months. In the teaching of ESL this proves valuable in order to help the foreign student in the learning of culture which is an important learning outcome of language learning.

Bill's other interests include being a fervent fan of the Basketball and Baseball teams  of South and on occasions has been called upon to sing the national anthem at games. He has sung  the national anthem many times at the Fiesta of Independence meetings,  a regular even at South, ushering in new citizens. He is student of the Bible and has memorized both the gospel of Mark in Spanish  and the gospel of John in English  and shares them at the appropriate venues. His favorite Bible verse is Phillipians 2:13, which reads as follows..."For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure."




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