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Book Advances and Payment of Award

Book Advance Program

The Book Advance Program provides cash advance refunds to qualified students who have been awarded and have accepted their financial aid. Eligible students may receive a Book Advance approximately nine (9) days prior to the beginning of classes (some exceptions may apply). Students are allowed to purchase books and supplies with their advance refund at on-campus bookstores, neighborhood bookstores, or online. For more information go to:

NOTE: The amount of cash a student receives is determined after the financial obligations to South Mountain Community College are deducted. Balance of funds due to students are typically released two weeks after the start of the semester. Students should be aware that each Maricopa college may have different disbursement dates, and that students who enroll entirely in late-start classes will have a later disbursement date as well.

More information about the application process, students’ rights and responsibilities, enrollment requirements, verification and academic progress policies, assistance for disabled students, refund policies, and summaries of various state, federal, and local aid programs are available in writing from the Financial Aid Office located in the SMCC Student Services Building.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards/Direct Deposit for Student Refunds

SMCC students can now get refunds and financial aid via Citi prepaid debit cards or Direct Deposit. More»


The SMCC Cashier’s Office is responsible for processing and distributing all funds.

For the fall term (August-December), students who have met the priority date of July 1 (FAFSA completed and all requested documents submitted to the Financial Aid Office) may expect to remain in their classes and receive financial aid by or around the start of the regular fall semester.

Approximately two weeks after classes begin, tuition and fees will be subtracted from financial aid funds automatically by the Cashier’s Office. Once the semester balance has been paid in full, a request will be generated to Citibank to issue a refund to the student for any remaining funds (with the exception of student loans, which may have delayed disbursement dates.)