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Emergency Funds for American Indian students

The American Indian Outreach Program at Maricopa Community Colleges has sought out possible solutions to a growing need to help American Indian students with emergencies. This semester the office will be coordinating two emergency funds that will hopefully help some of our students continue working on their academic goals at our colleges.

The first grant has been made available from the Partnership with Native Americans. This grant focuses on unforeseen emergencies but cannot be used for tuition and fees. The Partnership with Native Americans Student Application is attached.

Eligibility and expectations are as follows:

  • Must complete a Student Application for Emergency Funds form
  • Only full-time students are eligible
  • Students can be awarded up to $400.00 in one academic year
    The funding must be used for a one-time unforeseen circumstance or event. Examples that may qualify them as eligible include, but are not limited to, safety or health, personal family emergency, and drop-out prevention such as funds for books or supplies, etc. The funds may not be used for tuition or monthly bills/payments
  • All recipients must submit receipts or other verification to document the expenses associated with the emergency within 30 days; funds cannot be reimbursed, so students cannot pay for an emergency and then asked to be reimbursed
  • Any amount awarded over $100.00 will require students to volunteer a minimum of three hours at the attending college (hours dependent on amount provided; volunteer form is included in the application)
  • Students awarded over $100.00 are asked to share with the Partnership with Native Americans the value of these emergency funds by submitting a short paragraph describing how these funds helped and a photo of themselves, along with a signed photo release, which is included in the application

The second emergency fund is made available through the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community 12% Grant. This grant will be for emergency funds to help pay for tuition and fees. The SRPMIC Emergency Scholarship Application is attached.

Eligibility and expectations are as follows:

  • Student must be an enrolled member of a tribe
  • Student must be enrolled in at least three credits
  • Any award over $300.00 will require awardee to volunteer on-campus for a minimum of three hours (hours dependent on amount provided; volunteer form attached is included in the application)
  • Amounts vary but cannot exceed the amount for tuition and fees
  • Students cannot be on academic probation or have a hold on their account
  • Students must be pursuing a certificate or degree in a program offered at one of the MCCCD colleges
  • All applicants must have a 2.0 GPA (if entering freshmen who have not yet earned a GPA, proof of graduating high school with a GPA with a 2.0 will be accepted)

Please see the application for additional expectations

Once completed, e-mail the application and supporting documents to Please also copy and Applications may also be dropped off at the Maricopa Community Colleges, Student Affairs, at 2411 W. 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Students should receive confirmation within 24-48 hours that our office has received the application. If not, please have them call the office at 480-731-8277.