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Major Code: 5348
Award: CCL
CIPS Code: 51.0805
Total Credits: 17

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Pharmacy: Customer Service program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of working in the retail pharmacy environment. The courses will cover federal and state pharmacy regulations and pharmacy services including prescription dispensing and drug distribution and control. Emphasis will be on providing quality customer service and using effective communications and interpersonal skills when dealing with pharmacy customers and personnel.

Program Notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses within the program.

Required Courses

Credits: 17
CSR139Introduction to Retail Pharmacy Customer Care 3
CSR156Retail Pharmacy Procedures 2
CSR160Pharmacy Practice for the Customer Service Representative 1
CSR162Pharmacy Operations for the Customer Service Representative 3
CSR280ABCustomer Service Internship 2
GBS120Workplace Communication Skills 3
PHT120Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities 3

Program Competencies

  • 1. Describe the basic functions of a pharmacy organization. (CSR139, CSR160, CSR162)

  • 2. Describe the services provided by pharmacy customer service representative. (CSR139, CSR160, CSR162)

  • 3. Differentiate between the roles of the computer, the pharmacist and the technician in the drug control and distribution process. (CSR139, CSR162, CSR280AB)

  • 4. Apply ethical and legal standards of pharmacy practice. (CSR160, CSR280AB, PHT120)

  • 5. Maintain patient medication profiles. (CSR162, CSR280AB, PHT120)

  • 6. Utilize mechanical drug delivery systems. (CSR280AB, PHT120)

  • 7. Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills with pharmacy personnel and other health care workers. (CSR156, CSR280AB, GBS120)

  • 8. Demonstrate record keeping skills associated with dispensing of medications. (CSR280AB, PHT120, GBS120)

  • 9. List the federal requirements for prescription labels. (CSR162, PHT120)

  • 10. Describe duties of the pharmacy technician regarding non-prescription drug products. (CSR280AB, PHT120)

  • 11. Describe and use HIPAA related documents. (CSR156)

  • 12. Use and access customer service and customer account skills. (CSR156)

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