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Foreign Languages

Language Arts & Foreign Languages
Language Arts & Foreign Languages
Language Arts & Foreign Languages
Language Arts & Foreign Languages

Understanding a language is more than simply knowing how to speak and translate—it requires an immersion in its culture and history.

That’s why SMCC offers a wide variety of courses that incorporate literature, linguistics, and culture into the study of foreign languages.

Languages offered regularly include Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese.

To get even more involved in the study of a foreign language, consider our Study Abroad Program.

By exploring a different culture firsthand, you’ll develop and improve personal, academic and professional skills like these:

  • Learn a language you are unfamiliar with, or expand upon skills you already have
  • Create an international professional network for your future career
  • Cultivate communication skills across different cultures
  • Gain independence and confidence
  • Travel to cities and countries you normally wouldn’t visit
  • Meet new people and make friends from around the world

The Educational Resources Information Center in Washington, D.C. reports that a second language is now a vital part of basic preparation for an increasing number of careers. Foreign language skills will also enhance your mobility and improve your chances for promotion.

Language skills open doors to a wide variety of occupations. Students of language often obtain jobs in business and education, but may also find employment in the following areas:

Business, Industry & Commerce

  • Import-Export
  • Advertising
  • Banking & Finance
  • Engineering
  • Research
  • Translation

Government & International

  • Intelligence & Law Enforcement
  • Foreign Service
  • Translation
  • Aid Agencies
  • Overseas Dependents’ Schools
  • Radio
  • U.S. Armed Forces


  • Elementary & Secondary Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Commercial & Government-Operated Schools
  • Overseas Dependents’ Schools
  • Peace Corps Locations

Interpreting & Translation

  • Free-Lance
  • Escort
  • Courtroom
  • Conference
  • Simultaneous & Consecutive


  • Journalism
  • Radio & Television
  • Film
  • Publishing

Travel & Tourism

  • Transportation
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Excursions & Tours