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Welcome 21st Century Reading Students!

The SMCC Reading Department offers courses designed to help students develop reading skills that will improve academic success.  

Students will also use various critical thinking strategies to enhance their confidence in their ability to read insightfully in college courses across all disciplines. 

We offer courses from the beginning level (RDG071, RDG081, RDG091, RDG 095) to college-level reading (CRE 101 –Critical/Evaluative Reading).   

In our commitment to guiding all students through the levels, we strive for intellectually stimulating classroom environments that can and do make a difference in college, at home, and in the business communities.

For a listing of Reading class offerings available in the upcoming semester, use the “Reading Classes” link on the right.

  • 25% of children with reading disabilities drop out of school, a rate twice that of their classmates.
  • 25% of adults in this country lack the basis literacy skills required for a typical job.
  • 50% of juvenile delinquents manifest some kind of learning disability, primarily in the area of reading.
  • Students who read magazines and newspapers regularly for enjoyment also tend to be better readers than those who do not.
  • Students who read widely and frequently are higher achievers than students who read rarely and narrowly.