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American Sign Language

American Sign Language Image

Nonverbal Communication for the Hearing Impaired

American Sign Language (ASL) forms the basis for nonverbal communication worldwide.

Our ASL courses focus on the principles, methods and techniques for communicating with hearing-impaired individuals who sign.

Classes cover sign skills, manual alphabet, numbers, and essential sign vocabulary.

For more details, click on the “American Sign Language Class” link on the right.

  • The written history of sign language began in the 17th century in Spain.
  • Sign Language has its own grammatical structure independent of any spoken/written language, e.g. English, Zulu, and Xhosa, etc.
  • South African Sign Language (SASL), despite regional differences and variations, has the same grammatical structure countrywide.
  • SASL is not more or less abstract than any spoken language. It is capable of expressing with all its subtlety and complexity.

(Sources: American School for the Deaf)