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Mission Statement

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The SMCC Writing Center promotes the college’s mission of serving our students by providing quality student support to nurture life-long learning. We strive not only to create a welcoming environment, but an academic community of thinkers, readers, and writers. Using active learning techniques, our experienced student success coaches help writers become independent by focusing on collaboration and encouraging critical reflection about the writing process. We work with writers at all levels who need additional assistance in any SMCC course.

It is important to us to maintain academic integrity, so we do not write or edit papers. Rather, our one-on-one student success coaches seek to aid students in developing effective strategies for any writing situation. Our personalized instruction builds on students’ strengths in hopes of creating strong and confident writers who are prepared for long-term success. We recognize the resource that is our diverse population in order to emphasize its strengths, while maintaining high educational standards that will give students access to the tools that will empower them throughout South Mountain Community College and beyond.