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Parking Enforcement

Public Safety


Students and visitors are always welcome at South Mountain Community College. We encourage all students to take advantage of our many and varied services, facilities, and resources.

While on campus, everyone is expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the college. This includes all posted parking restrictions.

Vehicle Registration

  • Any college employee or student operating a motor vehicle on college property is required to register the vehicle and secure and display a current parking permit on the vehicle for a designated parking area. The College President may choose to issue parking permits to only certain classifications of drivers utilizing the campus. An out-of-state/out-of-country student or college employee who operates or parks a motor vehicle on campus property must sign an affidavit at the time of registration that the vehicle complies with A.R.S. 49-542 relating to vehicle emission testing. Vehicles which do not comply will not be granted a permit.
  • If you carpool to and from campus, you may take advantage of the carpool parking spots located throughout campus. Permits are required and may be obtained at the Public Safety Office located in the Student Union (SU) Building.
  • Do not park in a Red Zone/Fire Lane or in “Disabled” spaces without displaying appropriate state-issued plates or placard.

Citations may be issued to those found in violation of parking regulations. Fines range from $25 to $50 and double if they are not paid within 15 days of the date of citation. Unpaid citations may also prevent a student from registering for future classes or obtaining official transcripts from the college.


If you feel that your vehicle was cited in error, you may file an appeal with SMCC Public Safety. Decisions on appeals are usually complete within one week of submission. Appeals may be submitted three ways:

  • Pick up an appeal form at the Public Safety office, provide all necessary information, and return it to Public Safety when completed.
  • Download an appeal form below, complete all necessary information, print and sign the form and submit it in person or by U.S. mail to the SMCC Public Safety office. You may download an appeal form here [PDF].
  • You may also submit an appeal via email, here. Please use the citation number and/or license plate number as your subject line. In the body of the email please include your full name, student ID number, make and model of your vehicle, and a telephone number where you can be reached; and clearly explain your reason for appealing the citation.

If you have any other questions regarding this process please contact SMCC Public Safety at 602.243.8100.