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Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Governing Board of the Maricopa Community Colleges has established policies, procedures, rules and regulations designed to provide a safe and positive learning environment. Students are expected to know and comply with these regulations in the classroom and throughout the college.

Student policies are found in the college catalog, student handbook, or on the Maricopa County Community College District website. The most commonly requested information on regulations, rights, and responsibilities that all students in the Maricopa County Community College District need to know are summarized below. The complete MCCCD Administrative Regulations document can be found HERE.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the office of the Vice President of Student Development at 602.243.8036, located in the Student Enrollment Services (SES) building. You may also contact the Maricopa Community College District Legal Services Office.

Academic Misconduct Policy

This section describes the type of behaviors or acts that constitute academic misconduct; sanctions for violation of the policy; and the appeal process. Academic Misconduct

Attendance and Absence Policies

This section covers class attendance requirements, official absences, and religious holidays. Attendance

Children on Campus Policy

This section outlines the rules regarding children on campus

College Environment General Statement

The Maricopa Community Colleges are dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and educationally productive environment for students, employees, and visitors. College Environment

Complaint (Grievance) Process Against Faculty or Staff

This section provides a step-by-step guide of the student complaint process against a faculty or staff member.

Consensual Relationships Policy

This section outlines the parameters of romantic, amorous and/or sexual relationships between Maricopa Community College employees and students (18 years or older) currently enrolled at one of the community colleges, as well as the procedures for disclosure. Consensual Relationships

Copyright Policy

Copyright infringement occurs when you copy, display, perform, distribute, or create a derivative version of copyrightable work either without the permission of the copyright holder or when such activity is not otherwise allowed under an exception provided by federal copyright law. Copyright law covers works in print, film, and digital media. Copyright Policy

Course Withdrawal Procedures

These sections provide information on the course withdrawal process.

SMCC Withdrawal Policy

MCCCD Withdrawal Policy

Credit for Prior Learning/Transfer Credits

This section provides information on previous college credit earned at another institution and/or via assessment methods. Prior Credits

Disciplinary Removal from Class Policy

This section states that an instructor may remove a student from class meetings for disciplinary reasons. Removal from Class

Drug, Alcohol, and Other Substance Abuse Prevention Policies

This section lists the rules, regulations, and sanctions for use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises. Alcohol/Drug Policies

Hazing Prevention Regulation

This section outlines the rules on hazing activities on and off Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises. Hazing

Parking and Traffic Regulations

These sections contain information on parking and traffic regulations for employees and students.

SMCC Parking & Traffic

MCCCD Parking & Traffic

Placement Testing Policies

These sections outline the placement testing process and procedures.

SMCC Placement Testing

MCCCD Placement Testing

Refund Policy

 Refund Policy

These sections provide information on the refund policy for students who officially withdraw from credit and non-credit classes, canceled classes, refund exceptions, and the refund appeal process.

SMCC Refund Appeal Process

MCCCD Refund Process

Sexual Harassment

This section outlines the types of behaviors/acts that constitute sexual harassment and the process for filing a complaint. Sexual Harassment

Smoking Regulations (Tobacco-Free Policy)

This section lists the guidelines regarding the use and/or sale of tobacco products on Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises. Tobacco

Student Code of Conduct (Discipline Code)

This section delineates the standards of conduct that are expected of all students, sanctions, and the student code of conduct hearing process. Code of Conduct

Students with Disabilities

These sections provide information on the accommodation application process for students with disabilities.

SMCC Disabilities Resource Office

MCCCD Disabilities Resources

Taping of Faculty Lectures

This section provides information on the taping of instructors lectures. Taping of Lectures

Technology & Computer Usage Standards

This section outlines the acceptable and non-acceptable use of Maricopa Community Colleges Technology Resources including but not limited to, desktop and laptop systems, printers, central computing facilities, District-wide or college-wide networks, local-area networks, telephones, facsimile machines, scanners, access to the Internet, electronic mail and similar electronic information. Technology Resources

Veterans Services

This section lists the services and eligibility requirements for educational benefits for students who are U.S. Military Veterans.

SMCC Veterans Resources

MCCCD Regulations for Veterans and Active Duty

MCCCD Veterans Services

Weapons Policy

This section outlines the rules and regulations regarding weapons on Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises. Weapons

Workplace Violence Prevention

This section defines what types of behaviors/acts constitute workplace violence and the sanctions for violation of the policy. Workplace Violence