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Leadership Award

Criteria: Awarded to two students that have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities in college related activities. Student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 to be eligible.

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Student ID # (if known):

Date and Description of Leadership performed at South Mountain Community College:

1. Give examples of the leadership abilities this student has demonstrated:

2. Has the student shown an interest in taking action to increase his/her knowledge and broaden his/her experiences to develop as a leader? Please provide examples?

3. Does the student provide motivation and guidance to others that will help build new leaders? How well do they communicate to others? Please provide examples:

4. Does the student commit to challenging, realistic goals and tasks? Does the student follow the goals/tasks to completion? Please provide examples:

5. How well does the student demonstrate the willingness and capacity to work hard? Does he/she set a good example for others to follow? Please explain:

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