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Placement Tests

Why Do I Need a Placement Test?

South Mountain Community College is committed to providing all students the opportunity for a successful academic experience.

Because academic achievement is directly related to the proper initial course placement, all new students are required to complete a placement test.

Students choosing to enroll will register for the course levels indicated by their English, mathematics or reading course placement tests.

Initial course placement should be discussed with an academic advisor or counselor skilled in assessing the student’s needs and other factors that affect student success.

The Testing Center is a proctored environment and is dedicated to protecting the integrity of exams. Testing staff members are trained to administer, monitor and proctor various tests. Their knowledge and experience will ensure all testing regulations and policies are followed.

Our goal is to provide quality testing services to our community; and to provide accurate and complete testing information.

Tests Provided:

  • ACCUPLACER (College Placement Tests)
  • CELSA (English As A Second Language Placement Test)