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Placement Tests

Why Do I Need a Placement Test?

South Mountain Community College is committed to providing all students the opportunity for a successful academic experience.

To make the enrollment process easier, our colleges offer two placement options for English, math, and reading courses: high school transcript review and/or placement tests.

Placement With a High-School Transcript

If you have attended high school within the past ten years, you can bring your unofficial high school transcript to the Testing Center.

Please note the following criteria for placement with High School Transcripts:

High School GPA At least two years of high school
No more than 10 years out of high school
English Math Reading
 3.0 or above  ENG101  MAT15x or 187  CRE101
 2.6-2.99  ENG101  MAT14x or 120  RDG100
 Below 2.6  Take Writeplacer  Take ACCUPLACER  Take ACCUPLACER

Students who wish to place into a higher level may take the ACCUPLACER as a secondary measure. Students whose GPA does not fit the given criteria will need to take the ACCUPLACER.

Initial course placement should be discussed with an academic advisor or counselor skilled in assessing the student’s needs and other factors that affect student success.

The Testing Center is a proctored environment and is dedicated to protecting the integrity of exams. Testing staff members are trained to administer, monitor and proctor various tests. Their knowledge and experience will ensure all testing regulations and policies are followed.

Our goal is to provide quality testing services to our community and to provide accurate and complete testing information.

Tests Provided:

  • ACCUPLACER (College Placement Tests)
  • CELSA (English As A Second Language Placement Test)