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Welcome TRIO Students!

On behalf of the TRIO and HOOP of Learning Programs, I would like to welcome you back to another fabulous fall semester at SMCC.  I hope the summer break was invigorating, refreshing and reflective.  We are animated about the new academic year and learning opportunities that await us. I believe this will be a magnificent school year filled with many challenges, breathtaking experiences and delightful memories. On another note, I regret to inform you that the TRIO community has encountered some adversity in relation to program funding. During sequestration, which went into effect on March 1, 2013, TRIO received another cut of about $44 million for FY2013.  This means that beginning the 2013-2014 program year, individual grant awards were reduced by 5.23% and approximately 40,000 fewer students will be served by TRIO. At this time, we ask for your continued support and advocacy for TRIO programs. Please reach out to your local Senators or Congressmen and inform them that TRIO Works! We have a 45 year history of student success and hope to add to that legacy.  We need your voice to make education a priority for our nation.

Finally, I urge you to let your success and accomplishments happen with purpose and not by chance.

Remember, “Dreams are never too big and dreamers are never too small.” Good luck and make this semester a memorable one.