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Veterans Services

The mission of Veterans Services at South Mountain Community College is to act as a liaison between veteran students and the Department of Veterans Affairs for the purposes of certifying veteran educational benefits. The office serves as the primary contact in assisting veterans with completing the necessary paperwork to ensure proper VA educational entitlements.  Students are provided with:

  • Registration Assistance
  • Educational Benefits Information
  • Academic Advisement

South Mountain Community College Veterans Services will also make referrals and guide students to other campus resources, including tutoring, personal and career counseling, disability services and financial aid.

To contact the SMCC Veterans Services Office, call 602.872.7730 or email

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is a Department of Defense program. The program is not administered or monitored by the VA. Tuition Assistance rules vary by branch of service and even vary between different units within the same branch of service, depending on whether the unit is active, reserve or National Guard. Questions regarding Tuition Assistance as well as the obtaining of application forms should be directed to the veteran student’s unit Education Service Officer.

Kickers & Additional Contributions

A kicker is part of an enlistment contract, often referred to as the Army College Fund. The kicker is a fixed dollar amount that will be disbursed in even installments over the course of the entitlement period for Chapter 30 and 1606 recipients. Service members also have the opportunity to pay additional contribution amounts that are generally matched 9 to 1 and added to the monthly benefit in even disbursements. The VA should automatically pay the higher benefit rate as an addition to the normal entitlement amount paid each month to the veteran. If not, veterans should contact the VA Regional Office processing their claim.

Chapter 30: Montgomery G.I. Bill®

This education benefit was initially signed into enactment on June 22, 1944 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was then revamped in 1984 [by] former Mississippi Congressman Gillespie V. “Sonny” Montgomery to the benefit we know today. There are four eligibility categories with the most common being those individuals who…

  • entered active duty on or after July 1, 1985 and
  • contributed $100 per month for 12 months and have an honorable discharge.

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Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation

To qualify for this benefit, the service member must have a service-connected disability. For more information regarding this benefit and the application process, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1.800.827.1000 or visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Chapter 33: Post 9/11 G.I. Bill®

This education benefit was initially signed into enactment in 2008. This update to the G.I. Bill® is available to veteran students who meet the following criteria:

  • Veterans who served on, or after, September 11, 2001
  • Veterans who served “at least 90 days” on active status

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Chapter 35: Survivors’ and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program

This is the only VA educational benefit for individuals without military service. The program is for:

  1. Dependents or spouses of veterans who have died or are totally and permanently disabled as the result of a service-connected disability; or died while evaluated as having a total and permanent disability.
  2. Dependents or spouse of a person who is listed as a POW or MIA.

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Chapter 1606: Montgomery G.I. Bill® - Selected Reserve

This program is for active members of components of the Selected Reserve and National Guard. Eligible participants require: 1) enlistment or re-enlistment in the selected reserve with an obligation to serve for a period of not less than 6 years following enlistment on or after July 1, 1985; 2) completion of secondary school diploma requirements; and 3) completion of IDAT.

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Chapter 1607: Reserve Educational Assistance Program

This program is a new education benefit available to certain reservists who were activated for at least 90 days after September 11, 2001.

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South Mountain Community College Veterans Services does not determine a veteran’s eligibility for benefits.  The office will assist in the completion of applications and communication of veteran student enrollment to the VA for the purposes of certification and receipt of benefits. For more information regarding individual eligibility for these and other educational benefits, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Processing Center at 1.888.442.4551 or visit online at

  • Request for Benefits form (this form must be submitted each semester )
  • 22-1990 Application for VA Educational Benefits (VONAPP)
  • 22-1995 Request for Change of VA Education Program Place of Training, Ch 30, 33, 1606, 1607  and Transfer of Entitlement
  • 22-5495 Request for Change of VA Education Program Place of Training, Ch 35 only
  • Direct Deposit Form

Verify your enrollment: Call 1.877.823.2378 or visit WAVE. (Chapter 30, 1606, 1607, must verify their enrollment each month.)

Department of Veteran Affairs:

Phone: 1.888.442.4551

Address: V.A. Regional Office, P.O. Box 8888, Muskogee, OK 74402-8888

Phone: 602.255.5395 (Education Benefits)

Address: Arizona Department of Veteran Services, 3839 North 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85012

Request your Military Transcript, or have it sent to SMCC

Community College of the Air Force

East Valley Veterans Education Center

  • Computers for active, reserve, and veteran college students and their spouses
  • Skype service to facilitate communication/connection with family during mobilization
  • Assistance in applying for VA educational benefits
  • Educational, employment and workforce development workshops
  • Employment service as a access point for Maricopa & Phoenix Workforce Development
  • Referrals to community resources (medical, housing, vocational, etc.)

Federal Department of Veteran Affairs

  • Health, Compensation, Home Loan, Education, Appeals, Life Insurance, Vocational Rehabilitation & Burial Benefit Information

Department of Defense/Service Branches

These sites contain general information regarding each military branch and service.

House Committee on Veteran Affairs

Current news and information on legislation and legislators working for veterans and veterans’ benefits issues.

National Archives and Records Administration

Resource for past military service records, including misplaced DD214 records.

The Vet Center

Counseling services for veterans and their families, including post-war adjustment assistance.  Offices located throughout Arizona.

Mission Statement

SMCC Veterans & Friends Community welcomes veterans from all branches of our Armed Forces who have served during times of peace and times of war.  The club links veterans and their family members from all branches of military service.  The club strives to support veterans by encouraging lifestyle management principles that contribute to success with their academic, community, spiritual, and emotional needs.  Such success will lead them to become contributing citizens, and enjoy professional and civic achievement.

Veteran’s Club Contacts:

VFC Main Email:

VFC  Advisor: Karla DeVoll |