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40th Anniversary Documentary

Groundbreaking!South Mountain Community College celebrates 40 years of serving the community and being a beacon of opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and community members walking through its doors.

SMCC has impacted and left a legacy in the South Phoenix community, just as the community has helped the college grow into the strong symbol of resilience and opportunity it has now become.

To preserve the magnificent history of the South Phoenix community and South Mountain Community College, the South Phoenix Oral History Project, in collaboration with the SMCC Storytelling Institute, embarked on a journey to tell the story of SMCC and South Phoenix in a feature documentary.

The story is here.

40th Anniversary Documentary


Virtual Premiere Program

Origins: Celebrating 40 Years of South Mountain Community College
January 22, 2021 at 5pm

Welcome and Moment of Reflection
Summer Cherland, PhD
Faculty founder, South Phoenix Oral History Project and Emcee

Tonight’s Event

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Presidential Welcome
Shari Olson, PhD

Student Perspective: Founding the South Phoenix Oral History Project
Phillip Martinez
School Teacher, Roosevelt School District
Student founder, South Phoenix Oral History Project

Student Perspective: Researching the History of South Phoenix
Ivonne Godinez
Student researcher, South Phoenix Oral History Project

The Historical and Modern Significance of South Phoenix and SMCC

Origins: Celebrating 40 Years of SMCC
Film Premiere

Silent Auction Update

Closing Remarks

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The South Phoenix Oral History Project:

SMCC Storytelling InstituteMission: South Phoenix Oral History Project is a student-founded, student-led initiative to capture and preserve the untold stories of innovation, education, and racial uplift in South Phoenix, Arizona.

We are a collaboration of students, faculty, staff, and narrators who are building an archive and reclaiming the rich history of our South Phoenix community. It is beneficial to keep an archive of our own community, and absolutely pivotal to embrace and understand the past. It is our goal to understand and teach how the people of South Phoenix shaped our collective culture.


SMCC Storytelling Institute

SMCC Storytelling InstituteStorytelling is one of our most essential human skills, and one that is becoming increasingly important for students, faculty, and staff to master.

South Mountain Community College founded the Storytelling Institute 25 years ago.  SMCC created the academic discipline of storytelling, and its faculty are nationally recognized for their pioneering work in teaching storytelling in a wide range of higher education and community contexts.

We offer custom workshops, webinars, and training in storytelling for students, faculty and staff.

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South Phoenix Oral History Project is a student-founded, student-led initiative to capture and preserve the untold stories of innovation, education, and equity in South Phoenix, Arizona.

It is a collaboration of The Storytelling Institute and the History Department at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona.

South Phoenix is a sacred and relevant place with little academic attention afforded to its history. Very few academic or popular records exist detailing the history of South Phoenix, its role in the evolution of the largest metropolis in the Southwest outside of California, or its traditionally underserved population of Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian residents. Our students and this project seek to right this wrong.

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