Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

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Personal Assistance

College Police staff members conduct foot and vehicular patrols of the campus 24 hours a day. As a regular part of their patrol duties, they look for any safety problems, such as defective lighting; inoperative doors and locks; broken sidewalks, steps, and handrails; or any other conditions which might detract from safety and well-being. Staff members are trained in emergency procedures, first-aid and CPR.

Other services provided by College Police include:

  • Vehicle battery jump starts.
  • Assistance in opening locked vehicles.
  • Escort service to and from your vehicle upon request.
  • Campus parking management.
  • Making emergency notifications.
  • Overseeing lost and found items (unclaimed articles are kept for no more than 60 days).
  • Coordinating dispatch, servicing, and utilization of all college-owned vehicles.
  • Rendering first-aid.
  • Making and issuing all campus keys