Meet Our Staff

Ashley Morrison

Ashley Morrison

Ashley Morrison: Computer and Information Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Sociology - NAU

I began academic advising at Northern Arizona University in 2014. In 2021 I relocated to the Phoenix area, and I began advising for SMC in November of 2021.

I like empowering students to make well-informed decisions regarding their academics and their careers.

Think about your academic and career journey before our appointment. Consider where you want to go and how you believe an education will benefit you.

My favorite color is yellow because it’s a happy color.

Beth Whiteman

Beth Whiteman

Beth Whiteman: STEM and Applied Technology

  • NAU - Bachelor’s degree in Art History
  • NAU - Master’s degree in Educational Leadership

Started advising at PVCC for Nursing and general advising after I completed my Master’s degree. Started at SMCC in 2020 as a Health Sciences Advisor and now transitioning to STEM and Applied Technology Advisor.

Meeting our students and talking to them about their educational and career goals. Learning how I can help them to achieve their goals and teaching them how to reach their goals and understand their degree progress.

Think about your career and educational goals and what steps you will need to take. Be prepared with questions and open to learning new information. Take notes to review after the advising session.

Born and raised in South Phoenix - I grew up down the road from SMCC :)

Josh Schwalbach

Josh Schwalbach

Josh Schwalbach: Behavioral Science and Human Services

  • Bachelors in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology at NAU - Flagstaff.
  • Masters in Counseling - Student Affairs at NAU.

Advising since 2011 at NAU. Moved to Phoenix in 2013 to work at the NAU Mesa Campus. SMCC since 2018. The relationship I had with my college advisor made me want to be an advisor for young people.

I like being a cheerleader for students to go and do big things.

Think of what you like about school. How you best like to learn. What excites you to learn. Come with questions. Being on a computer or laptop is possible. Take your own notes as this is a good skill to develop early in your college career.

  • Sheena is my best friend :-)
  • I want to be just like Sheena when I grow up.
  • And also:
    • Boy dad to 5 year old Golden Retriever and 1 year old human being
    • Vegan Yogi with fat thumbs and big arms.

René Rosales

René Rosales

René Rosales: Health Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, and English as a Second Language

  • Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University
  • Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University

I have 13 years of experience in academic advising.

Helping students realize and accomplish their academic and career goals.

Be ready with questions, goals for the appointment, MEID or ID, and to learn something new.

I used to be a school board member for an elementary school district that I attended. I was born and raised in West Phoenix. I love the outdoors and spending time with my family.

Sanjeev Ramchandra

Sanjeev Ramchandra

Sanjeev Ramchandra: Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management

  • M.Ed. - Higher & Postsecondary Education, ASU
  • BS - Economics and Psychology, ASU
  • BS - Computational Mathematics, ASU

  • Online Academic Counselor, University of Phoenix
  • Student Services Specialist, MCC
  • Student Services Analyst - Short Term, EMCC

Talking to students and their guests about navigating the higher education landscape including course & program selection.

Listening to students share their high ambitions on what they want to do in life, both within and outside of higher education.

Come prepared with questions to ask and bring motivation and enthusiasm to learn.

I was briefly a student at SMCC during my undergraduate years.
I later worked at SMCC in student services as a part-time worker.

Shelly Slightom

Shelly Slightom

Shelly Slightom: Culture and Society and Education.

  • MA-Psychology- Emphasis in Career Counseling -Calif State University, Chico
  • BA- Psych with a Minor in Child Development- Calif State University, Chico
  • AA- Liberal Arts and Child Development- Butte Community College

Started in 1997 as a First Year Experience instructor, teaching Career Life Planning (CLP). Then added the role of a Transfer Counselor in 2000 then as a Counselor in General Advising in 2006. I also continued to teach CLP until 2016 and worked as a Career Counselor in Career Services, all at Butte Community College. I started at SMCC in July 2020.

I enjoy assisting students with reaching their academic and career goals. It’s rewarding to be a part of a student's educational journey from the beginning and guide them throughout the process.

Come prepared to take notes and learn the resources available to assist you. It’s important to understand what you need in order to be successful and reach your goals.

I moved to AZ to be closer to my children and grandson.