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Spring 2021 Commencement


The Spring 2021 Commencement was a great success. Below are the Valedictorians for the class.

Profiles of Success

  • SMCC Class of 2021 Co-Valedictorian Yesenia Escareño

    On her graduation cap, South Mountain Community College Co-Valedictorian Yesenia Escareño inscribed this simple message: “Para mis padres que llegaron sin nada, pero me dieron todo.”

    In English, that translates to: For my parents, who arrived with nothing but gave me everything.


  • SMCC Class of 2021 Co-Valedictorian Citlali Trujillo

    Citlali Trujillo, Co-Valedictorian for the South Mountain Community College Class of 2021, found her community in South Phoenix. 

    Originally from California and having lived in Texas for most of her life, Citlali found it challenging to feel connected. However, through her classes, the...