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Business Management

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business Management program is to provide students with a basic inventory of skills and competencies that will meet their needs when they become practitioners in the field. Recognizing that many persons already involved in business and industry desire to improve their skills, the program also seeks to offer alternative for the increase of knowledge and the improvement of skills by current practitioners in the field.


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Total credits required: 
Effective term: 
2018 Spring
Award notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better for each course listed in the Required Courses area.

This program will be replaced by: AAS/3070 Management

Academic Plan Code: 
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
ACC107Bookkeeping Theory and Practice (4) OR
ACC111Accounting Principles I (3)3-4
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems3
GBS131Business Calculations3
GBS151Introduction to Business3
GBS205Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business3
GBS233Business Communication3
MGT229Management and Leadership I3
MGT230Management and Leadership II3
MGT251Human Relations in Business3
MKT271Principles of Marketing (3) OR
MGT276Personnel/Human Resources Management (3)3
Restricted Electives
Course #Course TitleCredits
Students should select from the following courses in consultation with a Department Adviser:
MGT253Owning and Operating a Small Business3
MGT275Office Management and Procedures3
MGT277Labor Relations3
MKT263Advertising Principles3
MKT267Principles of Sales3
MGT296WACooperative Education (1) OR
MGT296WBCooperative Education (2) OR
MGT296WCCooperative Education (3)1-3
General education requirements
General Education RequirementCredits: 24-25
General Education CoreCredits: 15
First-Year CompositionCredits: 6
ENG101First-Year Composition (3)
ENG102First-Year Composition (3)6
Oral CommunicationCredits: 3
COM100Introduction to Human Communication (3) OR
COM110Interpersonal Communication (3) OR
COM225Public Speaking (3) OR
COM230Small Group Communication (3)3
Critical ReadingCredits: 3
CRE101College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking (3) OR
Equivalent by assessment.3
MathematicsCredits: 3
MAT112Mathematical Concepts and Applications (3) OR
Equivalent by assessment OR
Satisfactory completion of a higher level math course.3
General Education DistributionCredits: 9-10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits: 2-3
Any approved general education course in the Humanities, Arts and Design area.
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits: 3
Any approved general education course from the Social-Behavioral Sciences area.
Natural SciencesCredits: 4
Any approved general education course from the Natural Sciences area.
  • Program Competencies are being developed.

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