iOS Application Development

This award is not eligible for Financial Aid

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in iOS Application Development prepares students for positions in app development for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch series. The program emphasizes knowledge and skills required to design, develop, test, and document structured and object-oriented programs utilizing Swift and Xcode.


Major Code: 
Certificate of Completion (CCL)
Total credits required: 
Award notes

This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.

Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.

Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) OR
Permission of Instructor0-3
CIS150ABObject-Oriented Programming Fundamentals3
CIS165Introduction to IOS Application Development3
CIS265Advanced iOS Application Development3
  • Identify and explain common hardware components of computer systems and describe their uses. (CIS105, CIS150AB)
  • Identify different types of software, programming languages, the terminology, networking, social and ethical behaviors and their uses. (CIS105, CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Use the Internet to communicate, collaborate, and retrieve information. (CIS105, CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Explore system security and privacy issues. (CIS105, CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Describe the steps in planning and implementing technology solutions. (CIS105, CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Determine when technology is useful and select the appropriate tool(s) and technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems. (CIS105, CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Design console and graphical user interfaces and reports. (CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Explain, design, write, test, debug and implement custom apps using the iOS App development process. (CIS150AB, CIS165, CIS265)
  • Design a plan to convert programs from Swift types into custom model objects for web requests. (CIS165, CIS265)
  • Create networking code in an Xcode project. (CIS265)
  • Explain security restrictions and the correlation of App Transport Security (ATP) as it applies to project prototyping. (CIS165, CIS265)

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