This award is not eligible for Financial Aid

The Academic Certificate (AC) in Storytelling is not designed to prepare students for employment in a specific occupation. This program is designed to provide students with an understanding of universal themes and basic practices, which are the foundation for storytelling. While completion of this certificate does not lead to a particular degree program, it does provide interactive storytelling training, which will enhance the skills of persons in areas such as education, library science, the arts, human relations, law, mental health, law enforcement, business, prevention programs, the ministry, and interpretive settings such as museums and parks. This program will also aid students interested in enhancing interpersonal relations skills and in using stories in family settings.


Major Code: 
Academic Certificate (AC)
Total credits required: 
Award notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program.
This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.

Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
STO289courses may not be applied to both Required Courses and Restricted Electives areas.
STO282ACService-Learning Experience in Storytelling3
STO286Using Storytelling in a Variety of Settings (3) OR
EDU283AA/STO289AAUsing Storytelling in Educational Settings (1) OR
STO289ABUsing Storytelling in Business Settings (1) OR
STO289ACUsing Storytelling in Healing Settings (1) OR
STO289ADUsing Storytelling in Interpretive Settings (1)3
EDU/HUM/STO292The Art of Storytelling3
STO293The Art of Storytelling II3
EDU/ENH/STO294Multicultural Folktales3
STO295Traditional Storytelling Around the World3
Restricted Electives
Course #Course TitleCredits
EDU/ENH291Children’s Literature3
HUM260Intercultural Perspectives3
MUP133Class Voice I2
STO101Storytelling for Literacy1
STO200AABiographical Storytelling1
STO288Telling Sacred Stories3
EDU283AA/STO289AAUsing Story in Educational Settings1
STO289ABUsing Story in Business Settings1
STO289ACUsing Story in Healing Settings1
STO289ADUsing Story in Interpretive Settings1
STO291AAStorytelling Circle1-3
STO297Telling Personal Stories3
STO298++Any Special Projects course(s)1-3
THP112Acting I3
THP211ABCreative Drama: Storytelling and Puppets1
  • Research, select, credit, and craft individual versions of traditional tales to tell. (STO282AC , STO286, STO289++, EDU/HUM/STO292, STO293, EDU/ENH/STO294, STO295)
  • Research multiple versions of a traditional story, identifying, comparing, and contrasting plot variations and cultural elements. (EDU/ENH/STO294, STO295)
  • Shape, develop, and tell personal and original stories. (STO286, STO289++, EDU/HUM/STO292, STO293)
  • Plan and execute a storytelling program for a specific audience and venue. (STO282AC, STO286, STO289++, STO293)
  • Execute and make adjustments to a storytelling program when changes in audience or setting occur. (STO282AC, STO286, STO289++, STO293)

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