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¡Juntos! Succeeding in Challenging Times


Join us for an online conference on student success, engagement, and empowerment! Hear from others who have overcome challenges. Learn how to stay healthy during these difficult times. Learn why civic participation is so important and how you impact the future.

Carlos Ojeda, Jr., Carlos Ojeda will present on the power that lies within everyone and how you can harness to make positive change and overcome challenges.

Closing Comments
Dr. Steven Gonzales, Maricopa Community Colleges Interim Chancellor

Breakout Sessions

  • Keeping a Healthy Mind in Challenging Times
  • Paying for School: Show me the $$$
  • Civic Participation: Doing Your Part!
  • My Path, My Story – Keys to Success
  • Your Career! Thinking Ahead!
  • ¡Alimenta Tu Sueño: Sustain Your Path to Success!