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Text-To-Speech Software Training - FREE for Students


Are you tired of reading tons of chapters for your college classes? Are you tired of writing paper after paper without resources? Do you need help creating outlines and study guides?

Then Kurzweil software is meant to help you!

Kurzweil is a text-to-speech software which can assist students with reading and writing.

The software is FREE TO ALL MARICOPA STUDENTS and will allow you to create an account and save your materials to a reading library you can access anywhere.

What Can Kurzweil Help You Do?

  • Read to you at a pace that allows you to comprehend your materials.
  • Create audio versions of your textbooks and materials.
  • Highlight and extract materials from the electronic text.
  • Create study guides from textbooks and other materials.
  • Helps create outlines for your draft papers
  • Translate materials to and from 31 different languages
  • Utilize the speech-to-text feature to assist with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

View the Flyer for links and passwords!

Kuzweil - June 2021