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Disability Resources

Normal Business Hours:

Mon - Thu | 8am – 6pm

Fri | 10am – 5pm

The DRS Office are available for the following options:

Walk-in, scheduled meeting using Google Hangouts, and Video Conferencing to assist you. To speak with a member of the Disability Resources and Services Team:

Call 602-243-8395 leave a detailed message with your name and callback number, leave a message in our mailbox next to the door, or email

To prepare for a discussion with a DRS team member, please have the following items:

  • Student ID, Driver's License or State ID
  • Internet Connection
  • Access to a laptop or desktop or phone (iOS or Android)
  • Download the Google Hangouts app prior to our meeting OR log into the Google Hangouts invitation that will be sent to you
  • Speakers and microphone
  • Webcam

General Eligibility Requirements

Each applicant with a disability must be enrolled as a South Mountain Community College (SMCC) student and must provide the SMCC DRS Office with the required documentation verifying the nature and the functional limitations of the disability prior to receiving any accommodation.

The DRS Manager or a qualified DRS Representative of the DRS Office will be responsible for evaluating all documentation to determine accommodation eligibility. Use this link to access more information regarding documentation (

Students who want to be considered for accommodation or academic adjustment must complete the step of the “South Mountain Application Process” to communicate and implement services

South Mountain Community College Accommodation Process

Self-Identify/Make a request for accommodations or academic adjustments

  • Future students need to request accommodations two (2) weeks prior to the start date of the class.
  • Some accommodations such as large monitors, interpretive service, adaptive software, alternative texts, etc. may take longer to coordinate and may require extended notice.

Complete online application in DRS Connect and upload your documentation

  • When completing an online application, students should only include diagnosis that causes them to experience functional limitations (barriers to learning or access) and has supporting documentation demonstrating the need for an academic adjustment.
  • Students should not expect to be accommodated without documentation.
  • Students will need to review their Maricopa email frequently.
    • The DRS Office communicates with all students who have submitted an application using their assigned Maricopa e-mail.
    • Personal e-mails, although often preferred by students, provide the greatest opportunity for error and will not be utilized by DRS to communicate with students.
    • Students are best served when they link their personal and school e-mail on the same device

Complete an Intake and/or Orientation

  • Intake
    • An intake may be necessary to determine functional limitation and appropriate accommodations on a case-by-case basis.
    • Students should expect a phone call and/or e-mail advising them to schedule their intake
    • Intakes can be scheduled using the DRS Connect website or by calling the DRS Office at 602-243-8395.
    • The intake can take 15-30 minutes and will include a documentation review and general discussion regarding the student’s diagnosis, previous accommodations in other educational settings, and the functional limitations that substantially impact the student’s access in a post-secondary learning environment identified via the student’s documentation or in-person discussion.
  • Orientation
    • Orientations are available in a group or individual (one-on-one) settings.
    • Groups are considered less than 4 individuals and all group orientations are scheduled following a student’s intake.
    • Group orientations take 30-45 minutes.
    • If a student does not wish to attend a group orientation, they are required to schedule an individual orientation using DRS Connect.
    • If a student delays scheduling an individual orientation, the distribution of their Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) will be delayed until his/her orientation can be completed.
    • As part of orientation, students will be given the opportunity for guided assistance through their release consents and accommodation selection.
    • The PowerPoint and all resources mentioned in the orientation are sent to the student following the orientation.
    • Students will have the opportunity to check out applicable equipment following their orientations.
  • The DRS team is willing to assist with uploading documentation
    • Students can visit the DRS Office in SS-129 to have their originals scanned and returned in the same visit or as quickly as possible.
    • Students can also call the DRS Office at 602-243-8395 and a member of the DRS Team will guide them through the process to scan their documentation via their home computer and printer.
    • If a student submits an application without documentation, they will be contacted three times (twice by e-mail and once by phone).
    • If the student does not respond to the DRS contacts, their file will be turned “in-active” until documentation can be provided.

Make online request accommodations and sign a release form in DRS Connect

  • The student must make an online request for each registered course, identify which accommodations are being requested for which class.
  • Requests are reviewed and approved by the DRS Manager or qualified DRS Representative
  • Students who select accommodations that are not applicable to the learning environment will delay the distribution of their Faculty Notification Letters (FNL) and will be contacted via e-mail to “de-select” the accommodations (i.e. a note-taker for an online class).
  • If a student does not respond to the request to “de-select” an accommodation within two (2) days, the DRS Manager can remove the request and send the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) after noting why the request has been removed (i.e. preferred seating for an online class).

Meet with Faculty

  • Students are expected to meet with each of their course faculty prior to the start of the course to ensure their requested accommodations are communicated via the student’s Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) sent from the DRS Office 1-2 business days after approval.
  • The FNL provides the faculty with the opportunity to review the accommodations prior to the start of class and discuss with the student “how” the requested accommodations will be implemented within his/her learning environment.
  • Early notification and a collaborative approach to accommodation provide an opportunity for the student and the faculty to build a relationship and communicate effectively throughout the semester.

*A downloadable step-by-step guide for completing the DRS accommodation steps can be found under the forms tab.