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Concurrent Enrollment

The Concurrent Program gives students the opportunity to take courses on the college campus with other college students. Students will receive the whole experience of taking a college course, preparing them even more for their college career after high school.

Enroll Today

There are four steps to become a Concurrent Enrollment student:

STEP 1: Apply for Admissions

Get a jumpstart on the application process by setting up a student account at the Online Student Center.

Next, log in to your student account and apply for admission at each college from which you plan to take Concurrent enrollment courses. You can also apply for admission by downloading and submitting a completed Student Information Form.

To qualify for in-state tuition, send each college a copy of an accepted document that shows your citizenship or legal residency. Download the Student Declaration of Citizenship or Status.

STEP 2: Testing

Students taking math or English courses need to pass college placement tests in order to register. Students enrolling in other academic courses (for example, physics, history, Spanish) must meet one of the following:

  • Composite score of 93 or more on the PSAT
  • Composite score of 930 or more on the SAT
  • Composite score of 22 or more on the ACT
  • Passing score on the relevant portions of AIMS
  • Completion of a college placement test

Students enrolling in vocational (Career and Technical Education) courses do not need to take placement tests.

Visit Testing Services for college placement tests.

STEP 3: Register for Classes

Print and complete the registration form and submit it to South Mountain Community College. Include your unofficial high school transcript and test scores.

STEP 4: Pay Tuition and Fees

Tuition for in-state residents at the Maricopa Community Colleges is $85 per credit hour plus a $15 registration fee per semester, per college.

Pay in person at the Cashier’s Office, located in the Student Enrollment Services Building or by phone, 602.243.8000.


What is Concurrent Enrollment?
Concurrent Enrollment offers you an opportunity to get a jump-start in college by taking courses that apply to a two-year and four-year degree while completing your high school education. Concurrent Enrollment gives students an opportunity to take college courses with other college students on the college campus. This opportunity gives students full exposure to what college life will be like after high school graduation.

What is the difference between taking courses through Dual Enrollment and the Concurrent program?
Dual enrollment is when students are taking college-level courses at their high school with fellow high school students. The high school instructor teaches the course.

Concurrent enrollment gives students the opportunity to take the course on the college campus with other college students. Students will receive the whole experience of taking a college course, preparing them even more for their college career after high school.

How much does it cost?
Tuition is more affordable at a community college than at public or private colleges and universities. View the Tuition fee schedule. *In-county tuition subject to changes by the State Community College Board, $15 registration fee required. Some courses, such as labs, require additional fees. Books are purchased separately.

What happens if I do not pay my tuition?
You will be dropped from your class and still owe! If you don’t pay your tuition by the due date, you will be dropped from your class with a debt still owed to the college. If you withdraw after the 100% refund period you will still owe a debt to the college and you will receive a grade of “W” on your transcript. Sign up for a payment plan.

What if I change my mind?
It is your responsibility, not the instructor’s, to officially withdraw from SMCC! If you withdraw after the 100% refund date you will still be responsible for paying your tuition. NOTE: Notifying your instructor that you no longer want to take the course is not officially withdrawing from the course.

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