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Virtual NSO

Applied Technology Course

Welcome to your Virtual New Student Orientation Experience 

Greetings, New and Returning students to South Mountain Community College (SMCC).


No in-person New Student Orientation sessions are scheduled at this time, but staff are working remotely to help you in your enrollment process, and to prepare you for your first semester at SMCC.

There are four components to the Virtual New Student Orientation experience to become SMCC ready:

Pre-Orientation e-course

Verify your completion of enrollment tasks, such as completing a career interest assessment with PipelineAZ to identify your Field of Interest (FOI), completing a Student Admissions Application and uploading your photo identification, determining your course placement, and completing financial aid steps.

Estimated completion time: 45 minutes

Pre-Orientation e-course

Field of Interest (FOI) Overview e-course

Learn about degree and certificate pathways in your Field of Interest (FOI). Get introduced to faculty, staff, and student organizations in your FOI. Review the learning delivery methods and technology tools you will use to be successful in your courses.

Estimated completion time: 30 minutes

Field of Interest (FOI) Overview e-course

Virtual FOI Advising and Registration Session

Work with the members of the First Year Experience and New Student Orientation team to learn how to use important online student tools to enroll in your classes. Meet your Field of Interest (FOI) Academic Advisor and other students in your FOI.


Estimated completion time: 2 hours

Virtual FOI Advising and Registration Session

New Student Orientation Canvas Course

Reinforce your learning about Fields of Interest (FOI) and campus support services in SMCC’s Learning Management System, Canvas. Canvas will be used in many, if not all, of your academic courses.


Estimated completion time: 45 minutes

New Student Orientation Canvas Course

Learn about the specific programs and services that we have at SMCC to enhance your learning experience and meet individuals within your Field of Interest (FOI) team.

Pre-Orientation Course

Welcome to the Pre-Orientation on‑demand course.

View your Virtual course below by clicking on your Field of Interest

Applied Technology Course

Welcome to the Applied Technology on‑demand course.

Behavioral Science and Human Services Course

Welcome to the Behavioral Science and Human Services on‑demand course.

Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management Course

Welcome to the Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management on‑demand course.

Computer and Information Technology Course

Welcome to the Computer and Information Technology on‑demand course.

Culture & Society

Welcome to the Culture and Society on‑demand course.

Education Course

Welcome to the Education on‑demand course.

Health Sciences Course

Welcome to the Health Sciences on‑demand course.

STEM Course

Welcome to the STEM on‑demand course.

Visual and Performing Arts Course

Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts on‑demand course.

We are excited to assist and support you on your journey to becoming a student at SMCC.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call us at 602-243-8337 or email us at