South Mountain Community College Engineering Lab Using 3D Printer to Create Covid-19 Protective Masks

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As the Covid-19 pandemic crisis continues to hit the global community, the increasing number of cases in Arizona has motivated South Mountain Community College Engineering professor, Dr. Carl Whitesel, to open the SMCC Engineering Lab to 3D print the first protective mask on campus.

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As a response to the protective mask shortage, and a state-of-the-art Engineering Lab, Dr. Carl Whitesel began the process to open the lab and test the first 3D-printed mask in efforts to help protect our SMCC Public Safety officers.

“I find that bringing Engineering and a good cause together is the basis of Engineering” mentioned Dr. Whitesel, as he explained the first set of masks is only the initial phase to make a bigger impact in the community.

“As engineers, we also have to focus on what's best for society, that is what was driving me,” said Dr. Whitesel. “Our lab equipment was available, and we had an opportunity to put it to use in making emergency equipment that could be used by anyone.”

Dr. Whitesel, is working alongside SMCC Lab Manager, Suzan Allaham on this project.

With a mask and gear shortage across the board, SMCC, ASU and the Science Foundation AZ are looking for additional ways to support and fund a plan to implement these efforts at a larger scale.

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