QLess - Virtual Lines

QLess - Virtual Lines

Get in Line Remotely!

Whether you need academic advisement, financial aid assistance, or any assistance provided by SMCC Enrollment Services, avoid the lines by placing yourself in a virtual line. We allow multiple ways for you to get in a line including self-service kiosks in the SES Building, via text message or using your computer at home. Once in line, head to the cafe for a bite to eat, check out what’s happening in the Student Union, hang out with your friends or just catch up on Facebook. Keep track of where you are in line through QLess displays or receive text message updates on your mobile device.

Join a queue via text message:

  • Text SMCC to 480-405-1858. Once you’ve received the initial response text, reply with the line you want to join and you’re in.
  • Check your wireless plan with your service provider as standard text rates may apply.

Join a queue online:

  • Click the button below, fill out the information and you’re in the line.

Get in Line!

For students signing in remotely, when you do arrive on campus, you must let the Welcome Desk in the SES Building know so they can check you in.

Students entering QLess remotely who fail to check-in at the Welcome Desk may have service delayed after the check-in process is completed by SES service staff.

Regardless of your estimated wait time, you should be in the SES Building no later than 30 minutes before closing time.