A grant is an award of money that is given to the student with no repayment required, as long as the student does not withdraw completely during a term. Below are descriptions of the various grants that are available at SMCC.

Federal Pell Grant (PELL)

The Federal Pell Grant provides financial assistance to undergraduate students. Grant eligibility is determined first, and may be combined with other forms of aid to help meet the costs of education.

Award amounts vary and are based on the student’s number of hours enrolled; the cost of the student’s education; and the expected family contribution, which is calculated when the student files the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). This application must be complete 30 days prior to the end of the academic year in order for the student to receive payment before the year ends.

The amount of Federal Pell Grant aid a student may receive over his or her lifetime is limited to six years (12 full-time semesters). More information about lifetime eligibility can be found here.

Federal Pell Grant (Census Date)

Students who are awarded a Pell Grant prior to the scheduled Pell Census Date cannot have their award increased after the census date for that term.

This applies to adding classes at SMCC and/or submitting consortium agreements for courses taken at other colleges. In order to be eligible for a Pell Grant for all classes, the student must be registered for ALL classes (including late-start classes) by the Census Date and if applicable, the Financial Aid Office must have a completed consortium agreement by the Census Date.

Students who apply and are awarded a Pell Grant after the census date will be awarded their grant based on the number of credit hours they are enrolled in on the day the award is posted to their account.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The FSEOG is available to qualified applicants who have an exceptional remaining financial need after receiving a Federal Pell Grant.

Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program (LEAP)

LEAP program grants combine federal and state grant funding to assist students attending public colleges and universities. To be eligible, a student must be eligible to pay Arizona resident tuition and demonstrate financial need.

Maricopa Grants

This institutional grant is available for students who demonstrate financial need. This fund is automatically packaged for eligible students at SMCC. Limited funds may be available for students who are not eligible for federal student grants.

Note: The FSEOG, LEAP, and Maricopa Grants are automatically awarded eligibility criteria have been met.

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