Disability Resources and Services

Disability Resources and Services

The most important part of your time here at SMCC is the education you receive in the classroom.

Accommodations for students with a disability must be renewed from semester to semester.

Continuing students who have completed the SMCC Accommodation Process and have provided the appropriate documentation are entitled to accommodations from the date they request their accommodations on the DRS Connect website.

Keep your accommodations in place each semester with these simple steps:

  1. Request accommodations on DRS Connect
  2. Revisit your authorizations to ensure they are still accurate and active
  3. Communicate with instructors to ensure they have received your Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) from the DRS Office.
  4. Meet with instructor to discuss accommodation details

*A downloadable step-by-step guide for completing the DRS accommodation steps can be found under the forms tab.

Contact DRS office to schedule an appointment to discuss and/or change your accommodations.

Please request services in a timely manner, per the guidelines below:

Service Requested Notice Required
Testing Accommodations (including Accuplacer) 3-5 business days
Note Taker 2 weeks (prior to the start of the semester)
Classroom Accommodations 2  weeks (prior to the start of the semester)
Sign Language Interpreter 7-10 Business Days
Special Format Text/Enlarged Print 7-10 days
Alternative Text 7-10 days

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