Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Mission Statement

We empower students to achieve a quality education; set career goals which may include graduation and/or transfer; and develop social and personal efficacy in an accepting, helpful and safe atmosphere.

Vision Statement

Student services at South Mountain Community College collaborate to support teaching, learning and student success, one life at a time.


StrengthsQuest for Students

Welcome to your gateway to information about StrengthsQuest at SMCC

What is the Clifton Strengths Finder?

South Mountain Community College is committed to supporting students, staff, administrators and faculty in their efforts to become their best selves by developing their strengths and well-being. Students attending South Mountain Community College are provided the opportunity to complete the Gallup StrengthsQuest, a tool to help students discover, develop, and apply their natural talents. This assessment has helped students similar to you at more than 600 schools and universities to discover, develop, and apply their top five greatest strengths.

With your Clifton Strengths Finder results and the StrengthsQuest program, you will be provided with the tools to:

  • Increase your engagement in college.
  • Improve your physical well-being and are reduce absence from college.
  • Help you succeed in your academic goals.
  • Improve and deepen your relationships.
  • Provide you with guidance and ideas for your career.

Want to Discover Your Top 5 Strengths

  • Contact Career Services and ask about StrengthsQuest and the I Start Smart program.
  • If you already have a StrengthQuest Access Code you may access the assessment here.

How Can Someone not at SMCC Take the Clifton Strengths Finder?

The Clifton Strengths Finder requires a one use access code. If you wish your friends and family members to experience the impact of strengths, the most efficient option is to purchase them a copy of the book Strengths 2.0 by Tom Rath. Each book includes an access code.