Math, Science, and Engineering

Math, Science, and Engineering

Do the Math

If you’re looking for a rewarding and challenging career in any number of industries, SMCC encourages you to “do the math”—and explore our Mathematics, Science and Engineering (MSE) offerings.

We’ll teach you theory and laboratory techniques as you work toward your degree, retrain or upgrade your skills, or simply expand your personal horizons.

Want to build things? Whether its mathematics, physics, or engineering, our MSE courses will give you the foundation you need.

More interested in the scientific study, research or the health fields? Our biology, bioscience, geology, or chemistry classes will get you started toward an exciting career.

Our faculty of dedicated professionals will provide you with the finest educational experiences available, whether you’re seeking to transfer, get an Associate’s degree, or just expand your own horizons.

See for yourself—it all adds up!

Explore Our Degrees

Division Courses

  • BIO Biology
  • CHM Chemistry
  • GCU Cultural Geography
  • EEE Electrical Engineering
  • ECE Engineering Science
  • ELT Electronics Technology
  • ENV Environmental Sciences
  • FST Food Science Technology
  • GLG Geology
  • MAT Mathematics
  • PHY Physics
  • SSH Sustainability – Social Sciences
  • SUS Sustainability/Natural Sciences

Degree, Certificates, and Programs

  • Associate in Science – AS
  • Phlebotomy – CCL
  • Sustainability – AC
  • Sustainability and Ecological Literacy – AC


Jacqueline (Jacky) Levy
Division Chair

Division Support
Lorrie S. Shelton

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