Language Arts

Language Arts

A Degree Designed for Flexibility

Language Arts at SMCC focuses on literature, reading skills and languages, mainly English and Spanish.

We stress critical thinking and clear communication, which will help you succeed in all college courses, prepare you for the job market, and play an active role in your community.

Our English courses include mainstream core courses (ENG101, ENG102, CRE101), developmental courses to prepare you for success, and ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for non-native speakers.

We also offer Humanities credit courses, required if you are seeking to transfer or earn a degree, as well as other foreign languages required for most degree programs.

SMCC is also a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution, with a large Spanish-speaking population. We offer four levels of Spanish as well as Spanish Humanities.

Many courses are offered in short-term formats, such as eight-week sessions instead of the normal sixteen. This can allow students to complete two associated courses in one semester, such as ENG091 and ENG101.

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Division Courses

  • CRE Critical Reading
  • CRW Creative Writing
  • ENG English
  • ENH English Humanities
  • ESL English as a Second Language
  • NAV Navajo
  • RDG Reading
  • ASL Sign Language
  • SPA Spanish
  • WST Women’s Studies

Language Arts Programs

  • English as a Second Language


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