Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences

Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences

Captivate Your Imagination

Located in the beautiful Sonoran desert of Arizona, SMCC’s Division of Communication, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences cannot help but inspire students. Renowned for its award-winning Performing Arts Center, graduating students have moved on to successful careers in dance, art, and theater, as well as music and communication.

Step inside the Performing Arts facility and view exquisite hand-blown glass sculptures from Tucson artist Tom Philabaum. As an SMCC student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the many performances we present each year. Our Performing Arts Center is the pride of both SMCC and our surrounding communities.

Join us at the college of Communication, Fine Arts and Social Sciences and captivate your imagination!

Division Courses

  • AIS American Indian Studies
  • ARH Art Humanities
  • ART Art
  • CFS Child Family Studies
  • COM Communication
  • DAH Dance Humanities
  • DAN Dance
  • ECH Early Childhood Education
  • EDU Education
  • EED Early Education
  • HIS History
  • HUM Humanities
  • MHL Music: History/Literature
  • MTC Music: Theory/Composition
  • MUC Music: Commercial/Business
  • MUP Music: Performance
  • PHI Philosophy
  • POS Political Science
  • PSY Psychology
  • REL Religious Studies
  • SOC Sociology
  • STO Storytelling
  • THE Theatre
  • THF Theatre and Film
  • THP Theater Performance/Production
  • YAQ Yaqui Indian History and Culture


Carlos Caire
Division Chair
PAC 736

Mr. Ryan Senters
Psychology/Sociology Faculty

Dr. Summer Cherland

Division Support: Chantel Freed

Noah Guttell
Music Industry Studies