Academic Catalog


If you are currently a student, our catalog contains everything you need to know about pursuing your education at our college. If you are currently considering enrolling, we hope that this information will inspire you to join our college community.

Within our catalog, you will find information on the many degrees and certificates we offer, as well as descriptions of all of the courses we provide. You will also find information on transferring to four-year universities, an academic calendar, college policies, and a listing of our faculty and staff.

At SMCC, we pride ourselves on our commitment and service to our students. Our talented and dedicated faculty and staff work hard to provide an enriching, rewarding, productive and safe learning environment.

Our Vision Statement effectively sums up our college philosophy: South Mountain Community College educates minds, transforms lives, touches hearts, and builds community.

Over our three decades of service to the community, many thousands of students have passed through our doors and gone on to enjoy successful lives and careers. We are proud to have been a part of their journey, just as we are excited to work with you as you continue your own.

For currently available courses see the class schedule.

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