Honors Program

Honors Program

The Honors program is accepting applications for FAll 2023 until Friday, July 14th 2023!
Please contact: honors@southmountaincc.edu

Looking to get all you can out of your college experience? One way to “climb higher” at South Mountain is to participate in our Honors Program.

The Honors Program provides opportunities for students and faculty to engage in stimulating and challenging classes and intellectual activities throughout the semester.

Honors Program students also qualify for scholarships and achievement awards, take part in special events, and receive special recognition upon graduation.

Our Honors Program is open to all recent high school graduates and continuing students who meet the eligibility criteria.

Take the challenge and join our Honors Program!


There are many benefits of participating in SMCC’s Honors Program. Here are just a few of the opportunities available to our honors students:

  • Complete in-depth academic research
  • Take classes with like-minded individuals
  • Attend lectures and conferences
  • Participate in campus and community activities
  • Receive honors credit on their college transcript
  • Eligibility for special scholarships and recommendations

Graduating Honors students may also be eligible to receive an “Honors Program Graduate” medallion and receive special recognition in the commencement program if they complete 15 credits of Honors classes and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Scholarship Opportunities

Students attending SMCC directly from high school (within two semesters of graduating) can apply for the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship, which covers up to 15 credits of in-state/in-county tuition per semester for four consecutive semesters, as well as the $15 registration fee. Eligibility for the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship is based on a student’s final unweighted high school GPA. Other conditions apply.

Download the PHS Application (PDF)

Continuing students that have completed a minimum of 12 college-level credits and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher can apply for the Honors Achievement Award. Other conditions apply. The exact award amount provided is based upon the total number of credits completed per semester.

Download the HAA Application (PDF)

Please visit the Maricopa Community College District site for more information about these Honors Scholarships.

What's in the Honor's Contract?

There are two ways to earn Honors credit. You can either enroll in an Honors class, or you can work with your instructor to complete an Honors Project, thus turning that class into an Honors class. The specifics of the Honors Project are documented in an Honors Contract.

An Honors Project is a way for you to explore a topic in-depth, and the Honors Contract is the plan of what is to be studied, and when and how you’ll meet with your instructor to review your progress.

Why are Honors Contracts important?

To receive and maintain scholarships or awards, Honors students must take an Honors class or complete an Honors Project every semester.

To receive an Honors Contract form, please contact us at honors@southmountaincc.edu