First Generation

First Generation

First Generation

South Mountain Community College welcomes all first-generation students as part of the Cougar family!

A first-generation college student is defined as a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) did not graduate from college. This means that you are the first person in your family to attend college to attain a degree. 

We celebrate your achievement and effort towards pursuing your higher education goals!


First-Generation Programs are open to all first-generation undergraduate students and are designed to support the engagement, retention and sense of community for first-generation students.

National First Generation Day at SMCC

National FiFirst Genrst Generation Day at SMCC

Join us for an extraordinary event that celebrates the incredible journeys of first-generation college students!

"First but Not Last" FirstGen Talks will feature captivating success stories from accomplished speakers who were once just like you – first-generation graduates.

What to Expect:

  • Inspirational stories of triumph over challenges
  • Proven strategies for navigating your unique path
  • A supportive community of fellow first-gen students
  • Motivation to reach your academic and career dreams
  • Free brown bag lunch

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with those who have walked your path and emerged victorious. Be part of a movement that's all about resilience, determination, and success. Join us on Wednesday, November 8th at The Conference Center in the Student Union for an event that could change your journey. Also free food!

Save the Date:  
Wednesday, November 8th, 2023  
10:00 am - 12:00 pm  
Conference Center Student Union

Let's make your journey "First but Not Last"!

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